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Welcome to Companion Cremation Services (CCS)! We offer small animal cremations for pets up to 300 pounds. Our mission is to make the difficult task of parting with a loved pet as much of a positive experience as possible, with the highest regard for the bond between owner and companion. We love animals and we strive for that to be shown through the services we provide.

White Lab Dog
"If there is a heaven, it's certain our animals are to be there. Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them."
Signed Pam Brown

Why Choose Cremation with CCS?

Pet cremation may be the right choice for you if you don’t have land readily available to bury your pet, your subdivision or apartment complex doesn't allow for burial, or if you simply want to keep the memory of your beloved pet with you forever.

"Would definitely recommend Companion Cremation! I had just had a crested gecko that passed away and wanted to get him cremated, they definitely did a great job and did a lot for his memory! Wouldn’t ever go to anyone else if any of my other baby’s pass. He was so little and they still did his leg/paw print."

Kendra J
"Outstanding service and respect. Had my first personal experience with losing a dog and Four Paws Veterinary Hospital and Companion Cremation Services provided a great experience in this upsetting time. I was very impressed with the packaging, the rosemary scent, the wooden box, and very surprised and moved by the paw print ornament. Having his paw print is something I never even thought of during the end, but I am so glad I now have it to cherish. My sweet chihuahua will be remembered forever thanks to Companion Cremation."

Courtney B
"Thank you all so much. I am absolutely floored with my experience. I am very satisfied with products and the timely manner. The price was pretty good too. The hand signed card was an added plus. I cried at the sight of my products."

Michelle R
"My 10-year-old dog just passed away a couple of days ago. I had her cremated here. They were super friendly and very wonderful. Really took good care of my little Nina. I highly recommend anyone that has lost a pet to go here."

Laura L
"Thank you Katie Mae! We really appreciate how secure you made us feel going through such a sad process. Saying goodbye to our 15yr old Chaz was so much more difficult than we ever imagined, and we really appreciate how quickly you helped us take care of him. The manner in which you took care of him and broght him back to us a day later with the beautiful card and paw print was so meaningful for us. We feel so happy to have him back and you really helped us with the grieving process by making this part so nice. Thanks again!"

Greg H.
"My husband and I unexpectedly lost our pup and decided to have her cremated. We were truly shocked at how beyond this company goes for their service. Through this hard time, they have given us comfort. I was overwhelmed with emotions when I opened the bag to the beautiful box, name tag, paw print, and card. Thank you, truly."

Heather P
"We lost our best friend. I went back today to pick up his remains. I waited for my husband to come home to open the bag. I want to thank you so much for what you have done for us. The box was beautiful, the card was beautiful paw print, it was a beautiful treasure to have. Thank you so much for your care. Mike and Cindy Would do more stars if that was possible."

Cindy C
"A couple weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our sweet pup after almost 16 years. We wanted it done at home and used Coastal Pet Euthanasia (which was wonderful) who coordinated with Companion Cremation Services. Katie Mae was so kind, respectful and professional, and to my surprise she brought my baby back home less than 24 hours later in a lovely dark wood box, along with a clay imprint of her paw. I'm eternally grateful to Companion Cremation Services for the service they provide, and for the exceptional way in which they provide it."

Shelli G
"I lost my parrot after 40 years & received his ashes back quickly. I have cremated many pets over the years, but your service is the best! The presentation which included an urn, a breed specific card, rosemary & a cast of his face will allow me to mourn him while reminding me of happier times. Thank you for your compassionate service."

Ellen C
"I am so very grateful for Companion Cremations Services. Honestly, when my fur baby was getting sick I had no idea who to call but knew I wanted him cremated. After looking at reviews, looking at their website, seeing that they are family owned....I just had a good instinct about them and decided to call them first. I’m so glad I did because I couldn’t be more pleased with the service from Katie and her dad. Not only were they readily available and accommodating the minute I needed them but so compassionate. They made what was such a difficult time for me much more less painful and helped me feel more at peace. Thank you so much Companion Cremations Services!"

Terra C
"We are so grateful for finding Katie Mae and Companion Cremation Services in our time of need. Our fur baby was handled with the sweetest of care and returned to us quickly in the most heartfelt way. We highly recommend using their services during such a heartbreaking time."

Cheri M
"I recently had to let my kitty cross the rainbow bridge, my vet uses companion cremations services, I was expecting a little tin container with his remains in in like the one my mother in law got back with her cat. I was extremely moved when I had seen the beautiful wooden urn, but what really let me know how much they cared about my loss and what I was going through they included a plaster impression on his actual paw. Knowing that I still have something left that my kitty touched meant the world to me. There was a beautiful heart felt card. I can not express enough to all of you for caring for my baby with such love and respect."

Theresa C
"Would definitely recommend Companion Cremation! I had just had a crested gecko that passed away and wanted to get him cremated, they definitely did a great job and did a lot for his memory! Wouldn’t ever go to anyone else if any of my other baby’s pass. He was so little and they still did his leg/paw print."

Kendra J

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